Law Enforcement & Military

FoxFury’s safety lighting tools effectively illuminate persons & property. From incident command to vehicle checkpoints to SWAT, these lights increase safety for law enforcement and military personnel. Having the right lighting tools can help you make more accurate decisions when every second counts.
FoxFury products have been tested and approved by law enforcement agencies, military branches, and international security agencies .
FoxFury takes pride in providing products that meet the highest of safety standards. We strive to help those that serve and protect the public.
FoxFury products lead the industry in quality, durability, and reliability – backed by extended warranties and the highest standards.

What our customers Are Saying...

  • KA Kaballa
    "Small on size but BIG on brightness! FoxFury lights are strong in so many ways! Durable and bright - I've found my new go-to light with the Nomad Now!"

  • Michael Badilla
    "My team and I tested this in the shoothouse during low light/no light. Loud and bright. Very useful to any team clearing a structure that houses combustible gasses. Robust, professionally built excellent alternative to a FLASHBANG."
  • Mike P.
    "I use on my AR for home defense,  and I  often take the flashlight out and use it around the house. It's extremely bright. I've shot a few thousand rounds with this mounted to my rifle, and have had no issues."
  • John S.
    "As a crime scene technician, I frequently need light sources for various applications. This light is extremely versatile, light weight and waterproof. The mounts make it simple to use in many different configurations. I highly recommend this for professional as well as personal use." 


Taker B52 Ballistic Shield Light


The Tactical Electronic Distraction Device - T.E.D.D. is for use in training, riots, SWAT, Corrections and more. Sold by FoxFury, the T.E.D.D. should be used only by trained professionals.




Case Study: Low Light Laser Scanning in a Mock Indoor Crime Scene

A large percentage of crime scenes occur at night or in dark locations. Oftentimes, suicides and overdoses take place in […]

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Lighting for Accident Reconstruction with Drones

Most automobile accidents occur at night. Unfortunately, they often happen in locations that are dark without street lighting.  Investigating traffic […]

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Lighting a DUI Checkpoint

Recently, the FoxFury team assisted a Southern California Police Department with a DUI checkpoint by providing area and safety lighting. […]

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Scene Lights Save Crime Scene Investigations

Rural crime scenes occur in remote, mountainous or forested terrain. Tall grass, bushes, or fallen leaves can hide evidence. This […]

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Our Products

FoxFury builds portable LED headlamps, flashlights, shield lights, scene lights and area lights.

Our application-specific LED lights are used in firefighting, police, military, industrial safety, hazardous area, filming, and photography. 

FoxFury products are designed in California and manufactured with the highest quality USA and foreign parts.

*In-stock and online products only will ship within 24 business hours, unless weather or other outside situations delay processes.


FoxFury uses the newest LED technology from OSRAM and others. White light and multi-color / wavelength-specific forensic light sources (from UV to IR) are available.

Our compact LED lighting tools are tough, waterproof and impact resistant. We also offer fire resistant and intrinsically safe / explosion proof lights.
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