Taker B30 Upgrade Press Release


FoxFury Lighting Solutions Announces an Upgrade to the Taker B30 Ballistic Shield Light

[Oceanside, California, January 2023] – FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces a new upgrade to its leading Taker B30 Ballistic Shield Light for improved panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment. The retrofittable, front mounted LED shield light has been upgraded to 1,000 lumens, increasing the max beam distance up to 841 feet. The ultra-durable Taker B30 is waterproof, flame resistant, and designed for use in anti-riot situations along with dynamic and deliberate entries by SWAT, military special operations, and law enforcement around the globe. 

"We are committed to leveraging advancements in LED technology to continuously improve current products and new products we release. We exist to keep people safe, that encompasses everything from the foundation of our products to their usability in the field.” - Christopher Raven, Engineering Manager of FoxFury Lighting Solutions 

The Taker B30 is our lowest profile aftermarket shield light. It is equipped with a single pressure switch that activates the light and changes modes. It comes with a Kill Switch feature, which allows the operator to lock out the light from unintentional activation. The Taker B30 mounts to the front of ballistic shields via industrial strength interlocking dual fasteners (Velcro®), which means no drilling into the shield and no compromising shield ballistics. 

FoxFury’s strobe-capable shield lights provide tactical officers with panoramic lighting for immediate situation assessment - to see and respond faster. This is helpful in close quarters such as building interiors, hallways, and doorways. The turbo-strobe varies LED frequency and is used to disorient individuals when necessary.  

Learn more about the Taker B30, click here to watch this instructional video or visit the resources on our website.  The Taker Series are available online at FoxFury.com.  

FoxFury Lighting Solutions has been providing industry-leading safety products worldwide for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, government entities, and industrial companies since 2003. The FoxFury line of products focuses on durability and speed, providing unique solutions and possibilities for situations where seconds count and lives are on the line. Visit FoxFury.com for more information. 

For more information on the Taker B30, please call (760) 945-4231 or click here to view online. 

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