Deliver far reaching beams to aid with long distance searches and inspections.
Fully Waterproof ● Limited Lifetime Warranty ● 100% Rugged

BTS Right Angle Light

Professional Search Tool

The ultra-durable, low profile BTS provides a 400 lumen beam for cutting through smoke and illuminating the immediate surrounding area. The low profile design lets users move more freely. This compact and versatile lighting tool runs on (4) AA batteries and has a stainless steel clip in the back for hands-free use. It is impact resistant, submersible, and meets NFPA fire resistant requirements. The BTS is the Just Right Angle Light. It’s the perfect combination of power, compact size, durability, and a reasonable price. It is available in all black or black and yellow.

Breakthrough® BTS Right Angle Light - AA Battery



Breakthrough® BTS Right Angle Light - Rechargeable



BT2+ Hybrid Light

Long Distance Search Tool

The versatile FoxFury Breakthrough® BT2+ Hybrid Light is a professional, long distance search tool. From long range inspections, to locating persons or property, the BT’s focused, 700 lumen light beam helps the user see better and respond faster. The rugged BT2+ is submersible and fire-resistant. It is available in Black or Orange options. A rechargeable system is also available.

Breakthrough® BT2+ Hybrid Right Angle Light - AA Battery



Breakthrough® BT2+ Hybrid Right Angle Light - Rechargeable




Intrinsically Safe Lighting Tool

The FoxFury Breakthrough® BT2-IS Intrinsically Safe Hybrid Light features a 200 lumen UltraReach beam and is designed for use in hazardous locations. This intrinsically safe search tool has a UL913 rating, Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T5 and IECEx rating: Ex ia IIC T5 Ga. Compact 2 degree beam outperforms most box light and high powered flashlights.

Breakthrough® BT2-IS Intrinsic Black Hybrid Right Angle Light


In stock


"I personally purchased this light in 2016. It has been and continues to be very dependable in any emergency! I live in Canada and have temperatures ranging from -35 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We average 60 emergency calls per year in our rural volunteer fire department, and this light has stood up well to riggers of the job! Currently, I have the only right angle light in the department, and it does get shared a lot with my brothers and sisters, for it is the brightest and most portable light. Thank you for developing a tool that I consider part of my PPE. It has kept me safe at accident scenes, keeping me visible to traffic approaching."  

- Brent Stillwell


Private: Breakthrough® Wedge Yellow, set of 3


Breakthrough® Wedge Black, set of 3


In stock

BT Rechargeable Kit


Available on backorder

The FoxFury Breakthrough® BT2+ Hybrid Light
Beam Comparison Photos Across a Local Sports Field.

Control Image
100ft (30m)
200ft (61m)
350ft (106.7m)

Possible Applications

  • Agriculture / Farming
  • Disaster responder
  • EMS
  • Firefighting
  • Fishing - sport fishing
  • Forensic (small localized search)
  • Hunting
  • Indoor use
  • Police
  • Search - drones, missing people & property
  • Security
  • USAR (urban search and rescue)
  • Utilities
  • Boating
  • Border Patrol
  • Coast Guard
  • Park Rangers
  • Farming
  • Fire: (ARFF / aircraft)
  • Fishing – commercial
  • Natural gas / Wind farms
  • Field work in remote areas
  • Inspection - bridge
  • Military
  • Stadium & event security
  • Telecommunications
  • Gas free engineering
  • HazMat
  • HazChem
  • Factories and chemical plants
  • Ethanol plants
  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Pipeline

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