FoxFury builds drone lights for public safety, tactical and search & rescue operations. Innovative, powerful, and designed for small UAV technologies. All of our anti-collision lights comply with FAA night flight lighting regulations.
FoxFury products have been tested and approved by professional UAV operators and agencies, worldwide.
FoxFury takes pride in providing products that meet the highest of safety standards. We take pride in helping drone professionals operate in the safest conditions.
FoxFury products lead the industry in quality, durability, and reliability – backed by extended warranties. All drone systems are manufactured with the highest-quality materials.


EXOLANDER© System for the DJI Mavic Pro and Enterprise drones. 

Quickly identify, locate, and assist with the most mission-critical flight operations. 


EXOLANDER© D3060-TC Light System for DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise


Easily identify, locate and assist critical missions using the innovative EXOLANDER© D3060 Light System for DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise. This advanced system includes:

  • D3060-TC Light: The FoxFury D3060 Trade Compliant is a small format drone, helmet and utility light. This trade compliant light is fully assembled in U.S.A. It has strobe-capable 30° and 60° dual LEDs that operate independently to provide 360° anti-collision lighting. The waterproof D3060 is rechargeable via USB-C and offers best-in-class durability. It lasts 1.5 to 3 hours on a single charge, and only weighs 1.3 oz (37 g). Its various mounting options enable it to be used as a utility, anti-collision or navigation light.


  • Saddle Mount: The saddle connects the EXOLANDER© frame to the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise and can be used to hold (5) D10 or D3060 lights. (2) D3060 lights are included in this system. These lights serve as anti-collision lights for night flight regulation compliance.


  • EXOLANDER©: This apparatus securely supports D3060 and D10 drone lights for maintaining proper CG (Center of Gravity) on the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise. The EXOLANDER© has 10 hard points for mounting various accessories and may be attached/removed from the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise aircraft without tools.


  • Landing Skids: The landing skids allow the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise to land on snow, mud, and uneven surfaces, protects the camera from impact, and stabilizes the aircraft when landing.





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What our customers say
about Our Products

  • UAV Operator
    "FoxFury has one of the best lighting systems for sUAS/Drones on the market. They design the saddle to fit the aircraft so the lights can bee attached. Their system can hold 3 strobes at the same time, one on top, the other two on the side. The strobes are some of the brightest have have seen. The lights can work as a spotlight or strobe light. You won't be disappointed."
  • UAV Mapping
    PRODUCT: Rugo™ Light
    "We've been using the Rugo lights with our DJI Matrice 210 for nighttime mapping utilizing Pix4D. The M210 can lift four lights attached to the landing gear with no problem, and the focused spotlight provides good light coverage as long as we can fly around 50 feet AGL. The hot-swap battery system is an invaluable feature so there's no down time. The ruggedness and design of the lights are much appreciated!"
  • Paul Vavra,
     DuBoistown Fire and EMS
    PRODUCT: Rugo Light
    "Thankful for my FoxFury Rugo lights. The FoxFury lights keep me visible for the hard to see missions. Thank you for making the most dependable lights I have seen."
  • UAV Operator, Fire Department
    PRODUCT: D3060 Light
    "This light is great. Easy to see from long distances and also helps to distinguish which direction your drone is facing. Worth the money."
  • UAV Operator, Cattle Rancher
    "These lights were a solution to a problem. We use our Drone to check our cattle on pasture everyday but nights we still had to walk out and check them if we thought there was a problem. Now with these lights mounted on the Drone we can check the cattle herd for wellness anytime of the night."
  • UAV Operator
    "I like the feel of the construction. I use them on my Inspire to cruise during twilight. It’s now very simple to maintain VLOS. I just purchased two of the smaller lights for my Mavic 2. All of Foxfury products are well designed and constructed. I would highly recommend them!"





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Our Products

FoxFury builds portable LED headlamps, flashlights, shield lights, scene lights and area lights.

Our application-specific LED lights are used in firefighting, police, military, industrial safety, hazardous area, filming, and photography. 

FoxFury products are designed in California and manufactured with the highest quality USA and foreign parts.

*In-stock and online products only will ship within 24 business hours, unless weather or other outside situations delay processes.


FoxFury uses the newest LED technology from OSRAM and others. White light and multi-color / wavelength-specific forensic light sources (from UV to IR) are available.

Our compact LED lighting tools are tough, waterproof and impact resistant. We also offer fire resistant and intrinsically safe / explosion proof lights.
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