Current & Future Applications for Infrared Lighting with Expert Jay Tessier

The market for cutting-edge IR technologies is growing, and to meet the rising demand, many companies are seeking these technologies to advance their product lines. FoxFury has been at the forefront of IR technology for several years with safety lighting products that satisfy our clients' tactical and recreational needs.

In this article, Jay Tessier discusses current IR technology uses and where the future is headed for these advanced products.

What is your position now? What industries do you serve?

I am currently the Northeast Sales Manager for FoxFury Lighting Solutions. Using exceptional lighting solutions for the Fire, Law Enforcement, and First Responder markets, I seek to expand markets for infrared lighting.

FoxFury, Jason T

Tell us a little about your background, previous work experience? 

I have been in sales for over 25 years. Before coming to FoxFury, I was the eastern regional manager for another lighting company and most recently the global sales manager for a night vision optics company.

You worked with night vision and IR in the past. How does IR lighting work with night vision?

Night vision has incredible capabilities in low-light situations, but it still needs light to work. IR at specific wavelengths (anything above 940nm) is not visible to the naked eye. These devices (Digital/phosphorus/thermal) capture wavelengths between 850 -1064nm.

Night vision and infrared lighting are used primarily in security and tactical applications. Do you see consumers using IR lighting?

Yes. As night vision product costs decrease and quality increases, it is becoming more popular with consumers, specifically outdoor enthusiasts. Some personal uses for night vision and IR lighting are hunting, hiking, and boating.

What types of tactical situations are best for IR lighting? 

In my experience, IR is best used when the element of surprise is critical. This could be in a hostage situation where taking advantage of the cover of darkness is absolutely necessary. Lights are targets, so if the bad guys can't see the light, they can't target it.

What are potential IR applications with drones?

Some drones use cameras that are very light sensitive and can see IR light.  Infrared lights on drones can be used to assist law enforcement using night vision devices. The drone can light an area while still preserving the cover of darkness.  Again, the perpetrator cannot see the lights, which gives the tactical advantage to the officers.  

What do you see for the future of night vision and IR lighting?

In my past experiences, I have seen the use of IR products grow considerably in many different areas. Again, the reduction of night vision cost allows almost anyone to afford these technologies – the applications are limitless. Today you see IR lights and NV in security/surveillance cameras, handheld cameras, weapons mounted scopes, and even in cell phones. Infrared lights aid each of these fields.

One of the most significant areas I have seen using NV and IR lights is in the sporting and boating worlds. Hikers use this technology to navigate dark woods at night and explore caves.

Many hunters use night vision to see prey when they are hunting in the dark. Having a good IR light source is ideal for marking the target and ensuring that the target is what they are pursuing.

The boating community is also a growing segment for night vision and IR lighting. Many vessels use NV to navigate harbors and treacherous waters. Also, nighttime fishing is a growing sport.

IR lighting is enormous in the paranormal world. The number of amateur "ghost hunters" is rapidly growing among adrenaline junkies. If you've ever watched ghost hunters on A&E. They use night vision cameras and IR lights all the time. Small mountable lights such as the D3060 IR would be a massive asset to the paranormal communities.

Film and TV are other areas where night vision and infrared lights are being used. Shows like Expedition Unknown, Swamp people, and even Live PD all use NV cameras and IR lights.

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