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Ultimate way to stabilize Mavic 3 Platform

The Saddle fits snugly, and matches the esthetic of Mavic 3 perfectly. Provides a stable, wide stance for landing and taking off from uneven, challenging surface conditions. I had this on Evo 2 Pro, where it added serous capability. For hard working Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Classic, this is a match made in drone heaven. đź‘Ś

Had the old version of this light for almost 11 years before it finally quit working. Was very happy with that version and am very happy with this new version! Well worth the money!

Great Light

Another quality product from Foxfury!!

Essential Firefighting Tool

This review is about the previous version of this model light. I purchased it at a Fire School Convention in the beginning of my Fire Dept career. Fast forward 14 years, this light has withstood numerous fires and everything else we deal with on the job. Always worked and always bright. Lights up an area so well that I got called a walking light tower on many of scenes. The older version final broke after having a ceiling come down on my head and broke the hinge that holds it on. From my research the newer version which they're currently selling is stronger, brighter, and has a better battery life than its predecessor so I'm sure this will be my final helmet light I purchase in my Fire career. Have and will continue to recommend to every first responder I meet that questions where I got such an amazing light from.

Great light

Great light

While this light is excellent - the earlier version of this light I bought several years ago broke after only one year of less than hard use. I did not know how to return it or if it was even covered by warranty. I’m going this light will last longer as I was very pleased with the performance of the previous light

Fantastic firefighting light!

Recommended by fellow firefighter. This light is bright and works in rough environments with a wide illumination pattern.

Right angle light replacement

I’ve had several right angle lights over my career. One of the guys I work with has this light and I have seen it out perform bulky LED box lights. Based on my observations I had to have this light.

Excellent Product

Bought 1 for the Fire Department to tryout. In less than 30 seconds the light is deployed, The brightest setting lasts 3 hours on a charge, well worth the $$ will order 3 more.

D10 Parrot ANAFI Thermal Lighting System

Command Light Toughness

I have owned this command light for 5 years now I worked for a smaller not as busy fire department and then I made a transition to one of the business departments in the United States. This light has served me very well through out the years and has made many very hot fires. The light does well in smoked out conditions and is pretty resistant to heat and water. I highly recommend this light to anyone that needs a dependable light for any purpose for fire department or other Commercial uses.

Great Product

This Product is built tough and is very compact. I keep one on my gear and radio strap. The light output is phenomenal. I have recommended these lights to other members on my dept.

Foxfury drone spot light kit

So here’s what I know and like, very well constructed. Cast aluminum main body carbon fiber/nylon mix battery construction positive connections. The light color is even easily changed on the ground and as a con,has a no burst style of frequency slow rate strobe. Overall will buy this again i absolutely convinced that I will. Conclusion, if you currently have your Autel enterprise evo 2 outfitted with rescue kit? All is needed to swap over to a DJI enterprise Mac 2&3 is the saddle. Sobrr Up and away!

Well built, affordable, and useful

I purchased the Rook Forensic Medical Light System and I have been very impressed with the product so far. The light is powerful and the light stream is steady. The reference card is especially helpful since I am just getting to learn the system. I highly recommend this product.

Lights work great for the X2

Lights work great for the X2, so glad this product came out to enhance our drone operations.

D3060-TC Light
John Blair
Most versatile FAA Spec light you can get!

There are a lot of players in the drone lighting space. The common form factor at present is bare pcb/LED lights with no casing, exposed micro switches, no frills. While the weight savings are commendable, they aren't able to withstand harsh environments or a mishap very well. The D3060 is exceptionally durable, brightness control, and my favorite: alternating strobe lights that offer visibility beyond the 3 statute miles required. Long run times, easy USB-C charging, and come with multiple mounting options. I have several, and plan on getting several more!

D10 Drone Light
John Blair
Outstanding drone lighting; unique, durable, fit to purpose.

While FoxFury light modules can cost a bit more, you GET a LOT more. I am always impressed with how functional and easy to use these are. I have 2 D3060's a D10, and the Awesome Rugo, that's both waterproof and incredibly versatile. YouTube video placeholder

The light is awesome but more important then that is the awesome and outstanding customer service. The willingness to help a customer get what they want an change orders an work with an individual is above an beyond what most any company would do. It’s easy to sell a great product but, to have the service such as yours is worth its weight in gold. Thank you for everything.

very good product

We got the T.E.D.D and used it during a training exercise with the SWAT team and we had very good comments about it. We did not let all the members of the team know about it. That way we could get a good review from the team members that did not know about it. Its a great product and we love it.

Bright is an understatement!

Purchased the Nomad Now for work. This thing can light up a wide area but still remain portable. I work around a lot of steel storage tanks that have dark areas not lit by the shop overhead high bay lighting. This this is convenient and rock solid. I may add a second magnetic plate just so the light is not attached at only one end and can be positioned horizontally better. Will definitely buy another!

Exolander for EVO II Version 2 Enterprise

Fit well and got the EVO off the ground another 3 inches. The gimbal on the stock EVO2 is millimeters off the ground and flying Search and Rescue here in the Sedona Red Rocks doesn't leave much level ground for takeoff and landing. Gimbal and/or camera damage is inevitable. The Foxfury saddle and landing gear fame was the ticket for safe reliable mission operations... and with all the hard points, it opens up all sorts of payload possibilities. Thanks guys, great product.

Light combo

I recently purchased the light combo to replace an older Fox Fury helmet light. I am extremely impressed with the performance of both lights. I recently used them at a High Rise fire here in Denver and in comparison to the other lights used (streamlight) the beams were noticeably brighter , further reaching and cut the smoke better. The light beam simply out performed the other lights. That includes a handheld lantern style, the 90 degree types and the straight type being used.I have and would recommend getting these lights , you will be happy with them.

All-in-one forensic light

Outstanding forensic light source. It's light, portable and I love having all the wavelengths available in one unit. No more changing heads. Fast charging with a strong light capacity.

Quite a light

I tested this system shortly after sunset. At 100 feet the effect was like a mini police helicopter, with diminishing intensity up to about 200 feet. In complete darkness it would be more pronounced, but I haven't flown any moonless midnight missions yet to know specifically. Adding 50% to the total weight will test your EVO II's endurance. My biggest gripe is I wish the toggle button for the D100 spotlight were on a different face unobstructed by the landing gear. Of course the ideal setup would be remote activation, perhaps by a sensor on the EVO II's landing light...

Great light, amazing company!

The FoxFury Nomad 360 is a great light. I'm a law enforcement investigations supervisor and we first saw this light being used by another agency on a recent critical incident call out. I came back to my department and started the purchasing process the next day. We just got the light last week and it seems to work great. I don't have a ton of details about the light itself because we just got it, but the reason for this review is this company is amazing! I called their customer service several times to ask questions and get information during the purchasing process and every time I called I spoke with a helpful, energetic employee. They were such a pleasure to work with, I've never had a better customer service experience than I had with FoxFury.


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FoxFury uses the newest LED technology from OSRAM and others. White light and multi-color / wavelength-specific forensic light sources (from UV to IR) are available.

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