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Excellent light

These lights are a great quality light for a great price. We really like the extra feature of the quick release switch so you can remove the light when you need to use it by hand.

T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device)
Luca Boyer
beautiful, but could be improved

Product certainly well conceived and of excellent workmanship. Directed casting is difficult due to the weight of the pad which makes rotation on the ground unpredictable.
The programs lack a multibang simulation and repetitions every thirty seconds are slow or risk distracting the operators.
Excellent tool in training and simulations. I have doubts about the operational tactical functionality: a better light intensity would be needed with more openings in 360 degrees, a slightly higher sound frequency.
In the operational theater, at least in our experience it is not advisable. The deterrent element is mild.

New light

Haven’t had the chance to use it on the fire ground yet but it appears to be made well and bright enough for what I need it for.

Very nice idea!

Bottom hole is printed very thin. Will wear through eventually after a few uses.

Highly recommend

I highly recommend this Sideslide picatinny weapon light. It has held up well. I have used it for fire, skiing, walking my dogs at night, and swat type operations. I've mounted it to guns, helmets, any anything with a rail type system. It has never let me down and I highly recommend it!

Highly recommend

I highly recommend this headlight/lamp. It is made well. I have used it in fire, EMS, water rescue, skiing, and walking my dogs at night. I have never had an issue with this product and have owned it for several years.

Scout Clip Light with Red & White LEDs

The Scout Clip Light with Red & White LEDs is very durable and is made of high-quality materials. I have used this light for search and rescue, EMS, water rescue, as well as trainings in fire/EMS and other rescue type operations. I've had this product over 10 years, and it's held up to all the stress of what I've used it for. I recommend this product to police, fire, military and US and R teams.

T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device)
Richard Mosher
Great option

After demoing the TEDD I was sold. Another tool in the toolbox. The department hasn’t been able to order them for us. I was happy to see the TEDD was now available for purchase for the end user. I ordered it immediately. Hope I never have to deploy it, but I’m glad to have it.

D3060-TC Light
Wyatt Stone
Decent Light

One of 2 lights worked as advertised out of the box. Other light would not hold a charge and had a wire sheared off inside. Once the wiring was fixed they both work well and hold a charge.

Overall great addition for my Evo II 640T v3

So, the extended landing legs by far are my favorite bit. Gives me quite a bit more room and landing options. Landing in grass, even short golf field trim can be a problem as the gimbal errors out if it can't reset properly or gets moved around. So I fly with the legs all the time now, even if I don't need the other accessories.

As for the drop system, it's nice and easy to use. Not complicated nor does it interfere with the downvision usually. A slight tug on the line and the payload is released. Just watch how much you try to lift with this. It's very easy to overload the drone, keep payloads generally under 1lb.

The light is also very good, I'm able to light up divers entering/exiting the water at night quite well hovering 50-75' above them. My only gripe, which is the same as some others is the position of the on-off button is annoying. You have to turn it on, then adjust the light angle. The other issue with the light is it does interfere with the downward sensors for landing, so you'll have to turn off obstacle avoidance to land easily.

Overall, happy I purchased.

Elastic Strap
Eugene B Enfinger

Can be used for anything, really. They are great for hard hats and regular baseball caps if needing to attached a flashlight or anything else. These are also great for the D3060-TC Light as they now come with a strap clip for straps as these. Great product !

Silicone Glow Strap
Eugene B Enfinger

These are great straps, high visibility at night. I use them for my dogs and my wife at night so they can be seen ! Dogs and wives are crazy because you never know what they'll do at night ! Great Straps !!

D3060-TC Light
Eugene B Enfinger

I ordered these for my two UAV's , they are great products ! Multi-functional is what I like about these. Can be used on the UAV's as well as on hard harts (with straps), on shirt or jacket and are very user friendly. Spotlight (bright and dim) as well as strobe functions. Two lights on one unit along with two individual buttons for each light. These are just plain great products and are very well built. I will buy again for sure !

Satisfaction is a well lit work zone

Have had dealing with FoxFury and come for more. The headlamp on a full brim helmet loses some its utility if mounted on the helmet. The brim works as a blinder creating a shadow, however, when combined with the Scout both near and far zones have the light needed.

Dummy CR123 Cells, set of 2
Joseph Parlangeli
Excellent quality

Used to make battery eliminator circuit for thermal device worked perfectly. Excellent quality!!!!!

Quick Release Sold The Fire Department

We purchased one to review. What the guys liked: the flashing green light on the butt of the flashlight giving other first responders the visibility to see members inside a dark building. They also like the strobe option to gain attention if need be. What really sold it, the quick release from the mount. We ordered 12 more. Nice product!

EXOLANDER© Landing System for EVO II

The parts fit well together and the landing gear elevated the camera to a higher position, a big plus in my opinion.
The one issue is that after installing the EXOLANDER© Landing System for EVO II, you have no access to the USB/pairing port or the SD card port.
In my opinion, constantly removing then reinstalling the EXOLANDER© Landing System for EVO II each time you fly, to access the ports, will cause premature failure of the assembly. So far I have not found a way to offload the photos or video without removing the EXOLANDER© Landing System.

Helmet light

Bought this combo recently and am very impressed with how the helmet light performs. Works awesome at vehicle accidents at night. I unfortunately haven’t tested the 90 degree light in a structure fire yet to see how well it cuts smoke. I was recommended these lights and am glad I purchased them and would gladly recommend them to fellow firefighters!

Great product

I like is very convenient

Get product I like it

Is comfortable easy to adjust

Great product I was looking forward this for a while

I do really like it iam happy with my purchase

Great Customer Service

I ordered the R1S and learned that it didn't come with mounting hardware (it says it in the manual). I wrote Fox Fury to see where to buy the parts and they sent them to me free. I will certainly be back if I need any of their other products!

EXOLANDER© Landing System for EVO II

Great design for my EVO II Pro RTK ! Very stable on the pad landings and easy to attach to the EVO. There's only one issue I have with the design... once you put the saddle and landing gear on the UAV, you have no access to the USB/pairing port or the SD card port. FoxFury needs to consider a redesign to this issue. I may decide to modify myself so I can access these two ports. Other than that, the system is great and easy to attach... keeps the camera gimbal off the pad approx 3-4". Great hard-points for mounting my D3060 LIGHTS

Great product ! I would recommend buying one for your EVO II

Excellent Product

We work in a team environment within law enforcement and have used this portable lighting system in both rural and urban settings since 2021. The simplicity of set up, light weight of the product and shoulder strap make this an easy choice for emergency operations where light is required. There are various brightness levels, and the light can be altered from flood to spot with ease. Further, the light can run off 12V from a vehicle should the battery begin to drain, prolonging the life/use. I know this is all listed above, but it is true, and tested operationally.

Make sure team members take the time to become familiar with set up and take down of the light as to not cause any undo wear or tear.

I would highly recommend this product.

I haven't got to use the units yet. My drone is in for repayes after all crash so I haven't got to use him yet at night but I think they will work well I will. Check back with you guys when my drone is operational thank you


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FoxFury uses the newest LED technology from OSRAM and others. White light and multi-color / wavelength-specific forensic light sources (from UV to IR) are available.

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