T.E.D.D. - Tactical Electronic Distraction Device

The T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device) – a less-lethal distraction device that uses extremely loud sound and bright light to distract a suspect giving officers critical seconds of advantage in a high-risk situation. The T.E.D.D. provides a safer, less-lethal alternative to flashbangs for tactical operations.

Diversionary Device History

Since the 1950s, Flashbangs have been used as a diversionary device that sets off a small explosion that shocks a suspect and gives officers a few moments of tactical advantage. The military was the first to use Flashbangs, and then they were adopted by police agencies as a form of less-lethal distraction.

Flashbangs are a proven, effective form of distraction for law enforcement and the military. Flashbangs create an extremely percussive force coupled with intense bright light and deafening sound. These three effects can have a physiological and psychological impact on a victim, rendering them stunned and less able to fight back against officers in a hostile situation. Their severe effects on a suspect require them to be used only in the most high-risk situations where the suspect is armed, threatening, intoxicated, or severely mentally unstable.

Issues with Flashbangs

While they effectively neutralize a suspect in a situation, flashbangs can present serious risks to both the suspect and operator.

Dangers for Suspects

If a flashbang is deployed too close to a suspect, parts of the flashbang like the Bouchon can eject and injure a suspect or operator upon detonation.

The blast blew a hole in his chest, severed his nose, and tore apart his lips and mouth.

Hotter Than Lava, Julia Angwin and Abbie Nehring, ProPublica

Likewise, if there is debris on the ground near the flashbang detonation, that debris can also be projected at suspects causing injury or death.

The percussive effects of the exploding flashbang are designed for normal adults. Older adults or persons with heart conditions are considered compromised, and the detonation of a flashbang can result in a heart attack or stress-related death.

A flashbang will produce a rapid expansion and contraction of air pressure that causes an imbalance in the suspect's senses. This is very effective in stunning the suspect, but the rapid change in pressure can potentially cause long-term injury.

A flashbang deployed near children can result in long-lasting physical and psychological effects.

Upon detonation, flashbangs produce temperatures over 2000F that can ignite flammable materials. If deployed near combustible or flammable materials, a flashbang can start a fire or cause an explosion. This is particularly dangerous in drug or chemical labs.

Dangers for Operators

An operator must account for the delay period of the flashbang once it's been deployed and be able to throw it to an area with no people, pets, or flammable materials. If a flashbang detonates prematurely, it will cause severe injury to the operator's hands, even if they are wearing heavy gloves.

One officer was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas with serious burns to his hand.

Scott Gordon, NBCDFW

Due to the extreme decibel level and percussive force of the flashbang, the operator can only deploy five flashbangs within a day before suffering hearing loss.

Other issues

Use Accountability and Bureaucracy for Departments

Departments have to provide records for the flashbangs that they deploy, both in training and in service. A department must preemptively plan for the use of a flashbang in a situation and justify its need. Some departments require the presence of a fire dept in case there is any potential fire.


Flashbangs require specialized training for the use of flashbangs. Again, they can only deploy 5 per day before suffering from adverse effects to exposure.

Public Scrutiny

Law enforcement departments are under extreme security. Departments are dealing with issues of defunding and oversight. As a result, any act of excessive force or negligence will be monitored and publicized more than ever before.

Department Liability

Departments are looking for ways to reduce liability for their officers and suspects. Avoiding actions that can potentially lead to negative publicity, lawsuits, or defunding are of the utmost concern.

Restricted in Certain Countries

The flashbang is prohibited in some countries, including Norway and the E.U. In addition to country regulations, the flashbang has specific customs regulations and shipping delays.

An Alternative Solution - The T.E.D.D.

Introducing the T.E.D.D. (Tactical Electronic Distraction Device) – a less-lethal distraction device that uses extremely loud sound and bright light to distract a suspect giving officers critical seconds of advantage in a high-risk situation.

Key Benefits

Reduces Liability

Simply put, the T.E.D.D. is not an explosive device. There are no random parts or objects that could become projectile hazards to suspects or operators. The 120dB sound is far below the 185dB level which causes permanent hearing loss. Unless thrown directly at a suspect, the T.E.D.D. will not cause harm.

The T.E.D.D. reduces liability for trainers and academies. A training center or academy needs to conduct lots of repetitions and deployments of distraction tactics. Using a T.E.D.D. reduces the amount of sound impact on the trainers and trainees.


The cost of flashbangs ranges from $5-60. For training purposes, this can be a considerable cost to a department or academy where they could be deploying hundreds of flashbangs each week. A $199.99 TEDD is reusable and rechargeable.


Flashbangs were once considered a less lethal option, but increased public scrutiny on law enforcement has changed the definition of what less-lethal means. The T.E.D.D. provides a safe but effective alternative for distraction devices.


The T.E.D.D. only emits high-intensity light and sound. No combustible material is emitted or ejected. This eliminates the threat of starting a fire or explosion in areas with flammables or combustibles. The T.E.D.D. is beneficial when deployed in a drug lab where volatile gases or chemicals are present.

Multiple Options for Deployment

The T.E.D.D. can be used for multiple tactics. It can be used as a single or multiple units, light only, strobe only, sound only, or sound and strobe together. The T.E.D.D. I.R. can be used to illuminate an area for NVG without the suspect knowing that it is there. The T.E.D.D. I.R. can signify a drop zone or target during night ops.

Watch This Webinar to See How Lt. Chris Hans Uses the T.E.D.D. for His Operations

What the T.E.D.D. is Not

The T.E.D.D. is not a replacement for a flashbang and can not replicate the percussive and stunning effects. If your ops require that maximum effect, the T.E.D.D. is not the tool for those jobs.

The Turbo-Strobe flashing light is calibrated to a frequency that will not induce seizures. Its rapid and random strobe pattern will disorient a victim for a few critical seconds to provide a tactical advantage.

The T.E.D.D. gives law enforcement agencies an alternative when sourcing less lethal distraction options. It's a cost-effective tool for training and incurs less liability for the agency.

How to Demo a T.E.D.D.

To test or demo a T.E.D.D. for your department, visit this link to submit your request. Demos are only offered to law enforcement and security agencies.

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