FoxFury Lighting Solutions makes innovative professional LED lights. We’re best known for our firefighter helmet lights, intrinsically safe headlamps, retrofittable SWAT shield lights and quick deployment scene lights.
Here’s how we got here, who uses our lights and why we do what we do. This is our story and we’re sticking to it.

A Crazy Idea is Born: a headlamp to surf the Pacific Ocean at night

So we’re at a party in July 2003 and someone says “It would be awesome if there was a light that would allow you to surf at night. Can you make that?” We thought it was a great question and a great idea so we started a company. We built a wide angle headlamp so that other surfers could be seen and used different colored lights to help deal with mist and water. We also patented a cool autodim sensor. And one more thing...we chose to use a newer lighting technology called the LED (light emitting diode).

Things heat up with our fire resistant helmet lights

We couldn’t figure out how to safely and effectively attach the headlamps to a wetsuit and exhibited at a snowboarding show. Two firefighters (Jeff and Robin) came to our booth. They liked the idea and asked if the lights could be made fire resistant. We said we’d try. Our Signature Fire 24 LED headlamp was born therefore in 2004. It was the first wide angle LED fire helmet light on the market.

FoxFury gets smaller, brighter and more professional

Firefighters liked the idea of the Signature but expressed a desire for a more compact and powerful fire helmet light. Industrial professionals felt the same way. The end result was the creation of our Performance and PRO headlamps in 2005. They came with either an elastic strap for use on the head or a silicone strap for use on a hard hat or fire helmet. This was the year we decided to change our focus from recreational into professional markets.

The 1st LED flashlight to break the 1000 lumen barrier and the introduction of hands-free forensic lights sources

Two firsts were introduced in 2006. We launched our 1st flashlight. It wasn’t just any flashlight. No way Jose. It was a 4 lb beast called the MF, which was named after the 1st thing people said (hint: it starts with “mother”) when holding it and/or seeing how bright it was. The MF was the 1st handheld LED flashlight to break the 1000 lumen barrier and was featured in Popular Science magazine and tech blogs like Gizmodo. We also released wavelength–specific wide angle forensic headlamps. These forensic lights enabled multi-tasking and reduced cross contamination in the lab and at crime scenes.

The Commands are born and life is no longer the same

We had grown into new professional markets but customers were requesting a more compact headlamp with adjustable light intensities. The end result was the creation of our Command 10 and Command 20 headlamps and helmet lights in 2007. The Command Series had 2 cool features: 1) an ultra-slim design that clears external faceshields on firefighter helmets; and 2) a flashing rear red safety LED (to be seen from behind). The Command 20 Fire and Tasker rank among our best sellers to this day...though these lights are brighter now than back then.

Lights for dangerous places: FoxFury introduces riot shield lights and intrinsically safe helmet lights

We were asked at various law enforcement shows to develop a tough, powerful light that quickly and easily mounted on police shields. In 2008, we converted our brightest headlamp (the PRO Series) into an innovative entry or riot shield light. SWAT teams liked the brightness, strobe feature and ease of mounting (no drilling into the shields was needed). Customers also asked for wide angle headlamps that could be used in hazardous areas. After lots of R&D and testing, we unveiled the Signature Intrinsic helmet lights this year...and began work on making some Performance Series headlamps intrinsically safe.

A Full year of intense planning for our revolutionary Area-Spot light

In 2009, we took a break from unveiling our usual array of new lights. We focused long and hard on a game-changing portable, rechargeable light concept that we had begun work on the previous year. We displayed this light at FDIC to get feedback from dealers and customers and were overwhelmed with eye-opening suggestions. We tweaked the design a few times so that this light would be as valuable, practical and easy to use as possible.

Discover the Nomad: putting a new twist on things

Some customers requested a sleeker, more powerful and an even more fire and impact resistant headlamp than the Command. It took us some time but we unveiled our ultra heat and impact resistant Discover Series in 2010. We were also excited to officially introduce our Nomad Prime Area-Spot light to the world. It was the first self-contained LED combination LED area light and spotlight. We’re biased but we really love the Nomad.

Brighter Nomads and the release of our chess-inspired Rook flashlights

We made the Nomad 10% brighter and also offered it in specific forensic wavelengths (including blue and IR). Inspired by the game of chess and vision of a powerful flashlight with an anti-roll head, we released our unique Rook MD1 and CheckMate in 2011. These flashlights were created to accept either standard (two CR123s) or rechargeable (one 18650) lithium batteries. We also had two little tricks up our sleeve for the following year.

A Breakthrough approach and 360 degree scene lighting

It became clear to us that the future of firefighting involves better, smarter tools. In 2012, we unveiled our Breakthrough BT2 and BT3 lights at FDIC. These BT lights provide firefighters with 1 light that did the job of two lights (right angle light and box light). The BTs present a technological advancement in smoke cutting thanks to their tight beam. We also unveiled our ultra-slick Nomad 360, a powerful light that provides 360 degree scene lighting.

Celebrating 10 years of LED lighting with two unique lights

We turned 10 years old. Two unique lights were introduced. First off, we unveiled the Nomad NOW, a compact Area-Spot light. The NOW can be used as powerful lantern and can also mount to a tripod or wall. In addition, we released the SideSlide, a unique combination flashlight and side mounted helmet light for use on fire and rescue helmets.

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