Lights for Fire and Arson Investigation


Lights help fire and arson investigators work more efficiently, stay safer, and document the scene more accurately and thoroughly. In this article, we'll look at several types of lights that are used for investigating the fire scene, searching for evidence, and photographing the scene.

As a fire or arson investigator, you are tasked with inspecting a fire scene to determine the cause and point of origin of the fire. You’ll be searching for evidence that could determine if it started from accidental vs intentional means. 

In this process, you will photograph the scene, secure and collect evidence, and analyze for chemical evidence. You may also need to inspect the integrity of the structure to determine integrity. 

There were 1,291,500 fires in 2019, with 24% increase in fatalities and a 74% increase in property loss since 2010.

U.S. Fire Administration (USFA)

Needs and Pain Points

Unstable and dangerous environment - After a fire, a building can be structurally unsound for investigators. The framing is compromised from the fire (if it's still standing) and the floor is covered in broken and jagged debris. Just walking through the area is a safety hazard, especially when it's dark.

No power on site - Most buildings have the power shut off during and after a fire, leaving investigators at a loss for light to inspect and document the scene. Interior rooms can be even darker and difficult to work in. 

Dirty and Toxic Work Area -  A fire scene is full of soot, debris, water, and potentially chemicals from the fire suppression. These conditions are harmful to investigators but are also harsh on equipment used to investigate and process the scene.

Everything is black - After a fire, almost everything is burned dark, and even black. That makes the scene darker and harder to inspect in rooms with no lights. Cameras also have a hard time achieving proper exposure when the scene is completely black and charred.

Your investigation team is small - Investigation teams are often 1-2 person teams, so it is essential that you can transport and manage all of your equipment around a fire scene with ease. 

FoxFury Solutions

How Do These Solutions Help Fire Investigators?

  • You can work faster and more efficiently with lights that deploy in seconds.
  • Lights are easily cleaned and decontaminated after investigations. All FoxFury lights are completely waterproof (IPX7).
  • Be confident that lights can handle the unforgiving conditions of the fire scene.
  • Enjoy less stress and fewer miscommunications on the scene with silent operation.

Now, let's look at how each of these different lights can be used and how they can benefit your investigation.

360 Scene Light

The Nomad 360 scene light provides 360°, area or spot beams giving you more options to fit your needs. It features a long runtime of 3-24 hours to last all the way through the night.

The 8 1/2’ maximum height extends over walls and vehicles for even illumination. The extended height also keeps the light out of your eye line for less brightness fatigue.

Nomad 360 Scene Light


  • Cordless design reduces the potential for contamination of evidence, trip hazards, and light positioning constraints.
  • Quickly and easily position the light where you need it.
  • Experience less physical and eye fatigue in a well-lit scene.
  • Better overall illumination that helps your cameras capture better quality images.
Firefighter investigates fire with a FoxFury Nomad NOW.

Nomad NOW Scene Light

The FoxFury Nomad® NOW is a compact and versatile scene light with a built-in carry handle. It can function as a lantern or be mounted to a tripod or magnet to deliver up to 3,300 lumens of field lighting. 

This cordless, rechargeable LED light can operate as a spotlight or flood light (by sliding the diffuser lens) with a run time of up to 24 hours.



  • Compact enough to fit in compact spaces.
  • It’s built to be dropped, shoved, submerged, kicked, and whatever else you will do to it. 
  • You can mount the NOW on tripods, stands, on walls, or hang it from hooks.
  • It’s easy to carry with a large built-in handle.

We have used the FoxFury tripod lights and the lights with magnets for providing scene lights and lighting inside during fire investigations. Their ability to light up an area is greatly beneficial in investigation and responder safety.

These lights are used county wide for a variety of tasks. We have equipped two pelican boxes with four of the magnet lights and four right angle lights each for quick deployment.

DANIEL FOX, Fire Investigator at Alexander County, NC

Breakthrough BTS

The BTS is a compact right angle light spotlight that features a tight, powerful beam that lights up the deepest corners and crevices to inspect wiring and gas lines.

It's powered by AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack. Completely waterproof and NFPA 1971 for superior durability.

FoxFury, Right Angle Light
Breakthrough BTS


  • It is comfortable to hold and easy to operate, even when wearing heavy gloves. 
  • It securely clips to your belt or gear when you’re not using it. 
  • Always have a charged light on calls with the rechargeable docking option.

To learn more, read our How to Choose a Right Angle Light article

Firefighter adjusts the tilt of Command+ helmet light

Command+ Helmet Light

FoxFury Command+ LED headlamps and helmet lights are rugged and compact. A wide light beam provides panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment. See colors more accurately with True to Life™ LED technology.

Tilt and LoPro versions will fit most types of helmets. The Command+ is available in AA or rechargeable battery versions to meet your operation's needs.


  • Have hands-free light always illuminating where you are looking
  • Experience less eye fatigue with a broad, even beam
  • Be more visible and safer on the scene with the Rear Safety LED

What an amazing piece of equipment to have! 

I bought a helmet light 8 years ago! It has withstood the test of time and heat! The last fire I was in I stayed in longer than I should have and my light felt it and took a beating! But still works just as good as the day I bought it! I absolutely recommend their helmet lights! I WILL be purchasing another one.

Captain Chad Dornbusch, Bowman Fire Dept.

Scout Utility Clip Light with White LEDs

The Scout Clip Light with White LEDs is a versatile clip light that serves as a utility light, task light, search light, and more. It’s rugged, works in all weather, and is fully submersible.

The Scout models have a secure J-Clip that enables multi-wear use options. The light runs on (3) AA batteries and can provide 65 lumens for up to 50 hours.

FoxFury Rechargeable Clip Light, LEDs


  • Attach to belts, straps, MOLLE or pockets with the secure J-Clip. 
  • Its compact size won’t obstruct movement
  • See colors accurately with True to Life® LEDs
FoxFury, rugo, fire


The FoxFury Rugo™ is a rugged go-anywhere lighting tool designed for a variety of uses including photo and video, drone visibility, search, and inspection. 

The Rugo™ is powered by a rechargeable Quick Swap® Power Pack. It also features a sliding Tri-Lens®, that allows you to select between area, spot, and flood beams for your specific needs.

The Rugo has several options for mounting to cameras, light stands, drones, and more. 

FoxFury Rugo RC on camera light


  • Continuous light makes it easier to see evidence and compose photographs.
  • Your camera will work less to “hunt” for focus with continuous light
  • Always have a utility light on hand with its compact size


  • Cordless, portability allows you to easily position lights as they work through a fire scene
  • Hands-free adjustable lighting to make inspection and documenting easier for the investigator
  • Continuous lighting allows you to work more efficiently because you can clearly see the scene and evidence better
  • You can photograph the scene easier and faster because your camera won’t need to work so hard to focus and achieve good clean images
  • After the investigation, maintenance and equipment cleaning is easier because lights can be decontaminated
  • You don’t need to baby your lights while working. The FoxFury lights feature high durability and waterproofing ratings that can handle abuse.

Click here to see how Fire Investigator, Aaron Beckman uses a Full Solution of lights to document his investigations

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