Nomad T56 JEMS

JEMS Journal: Jun 2017 - The Nomad® T56 True to Life Scene Light is a specialty LED scene light that offers true perspective and colors. Its 8,200 lumens can be used to light up treatment areas - from an MCI area, to starting an IV, to the performance of field surgical procedures. It's cordless, submersible, self-contained, rechargeable and can be deployed (and stowed) in seconds.

FoxFury Nomad T56

Uses include:

  • Field surgical procedures
  • Patient assessment
  • Skin color assessment
  • Locating veins & starting IVs

    Deploys quickly anywhere including:

  • Field treatment areas
  • MCI areas
  • Accident scene
  • Event medical tents / triage areas
  • You Can't Treat What You Can't See



    Non - True To Life™ Lighting

    FoxFury Nomad 360 Color Compare

    Nomad T56 with True To Life™ Lighting

    FoxFury Nomad T56 Color Compare

    To earn the coveted title of a JEMS Hot Product, a product must be not only innovative, but also practical. Eight (8) judges at this year’s EMS Today Conference and Exposition (consisting of EMS product specialists, physicians, educators, managers and paramedics), concluded that FoxFury's Nomad® T56 was a winner of the 2017 Hot Product EMS Today Award!
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