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LoPro, Tilt

LoPro, Tilt

Black, ODG

Tasker, Tasker-Fire

C-Clamp, Bolt


2 (Low, High)

3 (Low, Medium, High)
6 in each color
(White, Red, Blue, Infared)

1 (on, off)

3 (High, Low, Flashing)


Up to 200

Up to 100

Up to 82, 110mW infared

Up to 54

Up to 200



$69.99 - $155.99



$124.99 - $128.99

*not included

*(4) AA Batteries

*(4) AA Batteries

*(1) AA or (1) CR123 Battery

*(4) AA Batteries

*(2) CR123 batteries
or *(1) 18650 battery



Everyday, Wildland Fires, Structure Fires

Military, SWAT, LE


Helmet light converts to hand-held flashlight

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Panoramic Lighting

FoxFury Command, Discover and Performance models provide widespread hands-free light, so users have sufficient situational awareness to protect against hazards.

A wide beam angle provides panoramic lighting and which allows for immediate situation assessment. Tilt versions enable the user to adjust the light bar, so illumination can be aimed up or down depending on the need.

Rear Safety LED

The rear safety LED allows users to keep track of their teams. It increases worker visibility up to 1/2 mile, and acts as a safety beacon to protect users from oncoming traffic.

The flashing red or green LED (on rechargeable units), helps increase user accountability in foggy, dusty, and smoky environments which make this a bonus to workers already wearing high-vis apparel and safety vests.

TrueToLife® LEDs

True to Life® LED Technology allows you to see colors more accurately.

This can be a life-saving feature in situations where detail makes all the difference such electrical utilities, emergency medical response, and hazmat response.

2 in 1 Helmet Light & Flashlight

Whether you need a flashlight or a helmet light, the FoxFury SideSlide C-Clamp allows for both. This rugged light comes with a unique, custom adaptor that mounts securely to the side of a hard hat or firefighter helmet. Press and hold the release lever to slide the flashlight out. Insert the light into the holder and once locked into place, the light now becomes a hands-free helmet light in seconds. The SideSlide C-Clamp delivers a powerful 200 lumens focused beam and is best for use in structural firefighting along with rescue and industrial applications.

Tactical Right Angle

FoxFury's HHC tactical light provides multiple wear options for hands-free task lighting. It can be mounted on the head, helmet, chest or molle mount. This light also comes with a picatinny mount option. White, red, blue and IR LEDs are programmable. Rugged, durable, and waterproof this light runs on 1 AA or 1 CR123 battery. All moving parts pivot into place to shine ahead for distance or task lighting.

All-Weather, Waterproof
& Fire Resistant

Weather can present logistical and operational challenges.

All FoxFury products are professional grade lighting instruments and meant to thrive in challenging environments. They are designed to be extra durable so that work can be performed anytime, anywhere.

These all-weather headlamps are engineered to survive the heat, the cold and submersion underwater. FoxFury lights are waterproof and impact resistant up to 9.8 ft (3 m). and meet requirements of NFPA 1971-8.6 (2013).



Helmets with External Face Shields

LoPro or ultra-slim designs, enable helmet lights to clear the external face shield on most U.S. style modern and traditional fire helmets. This lower profile design enables most external 4” and 6” face shields to be raised and lowered without interference. NOTE: not compatible with European (Gallet) style helmets.

Command LoPro - White & Green LEDs

Command LoPro - White LEDs

Discover LoPro - White LEDs

FoxFury Lights for Helmets with External Face Shields

Hard Hat, Head or Other Fire Helmet

FoxFury LED headlamps and helmet lights are rugged and compact. A wide light beam provides panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment. Lights are waterproof, fire resistant and meet requirements of NFPA. Available with 3, 10, or 20 powerful LEDs. Best uses are listed below.


Command+ Tilt - White & Green LEDs


Command+ Tilt - White & Amber LEDs


Discover Tilt - White LEDs


Command Tilt - White LEDs

Command+ Tilt - White LEDs


SideSlide C-Clamp

HHC Tactical Light

FoxFury Hard Hat, Head or Fire Helmet Lights

Intrinsic Lights

FoxFury Intrinsically Safe Performance Series headlamps and helmet lights are waterproof and fire resistant. They have a panoramic beam angle and are made for situation assessment. Ingress Protection rating - IPX7, UL 913 Class 1, Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D T6 & Class 1, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D T6 and meet requirements of NFPA 1971-8.6 (2013).

Performance Intrinsic Tasker-Fire -
White & Green LEDs

Performance Intrinsic Tasker - White LEDs

FoxFury Intrinsic Headlamps and Helmet Lights


Elastic Strap

  • FoxFury replacement Elastic Strap allows headlamps to be worn directly on the forehead or hats. For use with FoxFury Command Series, Discover Series and Performance Series lights.

    *Not recommended for use in firefighting or other high temperature applications.

Silicone Black Strap

  • Replacement silicone strap for headlamps and helmet lights is for use with safety helmets (including hard hats and fire helmets). This durable strap is fire resistant and can be used in firefighting and other high temperature applications.
  • For use with FoxFury headlamps: Command Series, Discover Series and Performance Series lights.

Silicone Glow Strap

  • Glow in the dark silicone strap for use with safety helmets including hard hats and firefighter helmets. This durable strap helps provide visibility and is fire resistant enabling it to be used in high temperature applications.
  • For use with FoxFury headlamps: Command Series, Discover Series and Performance Series lights.