Rugo™ R1S Drone Light Systems

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The Rugo™ R1S Drone Light Systems are designed for use with either:

  1. DJI Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice M100, Matrice M200, Matrice M210, Matrice M600, and Matrice 600 Pro Drones
  2. DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro Drones
  3. Yuneec Typhoon H and H520 Drones

Each system comes with (2) Rugo™ R1S lights and a set of drone mounts. Each light has a Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe that meets FAA regulations for UAV night flight and anti-collision lighting.

The R1S Drone Light Systems are best for search, inspection, mapping, and assessments. The R1S puts out up to 700 lumens and has an operational beam distance of up to 100 ft (30 m). 

NOTE: using two Rugo™s along with the included set of mounts is recommended in order to maintain the drone’s center of gravity. Please make sure you follow all local and FAA requirements for night flight and have waivers filed if necessary.

Key Features for All Rugos™:

  • Rechargeable Quick Swap™ Power Pack with Strobe
    The Rugo™ R1S and RCS have a rechargeable Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe. The strobe mode meets FAA regulations for UAV night flights and anti-collision lighting. The Power Pack provides 1 - 6 hours of light on a single charge and fully recharges via a USB adaptor in 2.5 hours. Power Packs can be swapped out in seconds with no tools. Additional Power Packs are available as separate accessories to extend usage time.
  • Tri-Lens® Technology
    The Rugo™ R1S and RCS have three interchangeable lens settings, allowing the user to adapt to different uses:
    • Spot = 25° Best for distance. R1S has maximum operational distance of 100 ft (30 m). RCS has maximum operational distance of 50 ft (15 m).
    • Area = 55° Best for mid-range. Both R1S and RCS have maximum operational distance of 30 ft (9 m).
    • Flood = 120° Best for close-up. Both R1S and RCS have maximum operational distance of 10 ft (3 m).
  • Durability
    All Rugo™ lights have a rugged built-to-last design. They are impact resistant and fully submersible up to 10 ft (3 m). They also meets NFPA fire resistant requirements and can be decontaminated after use. The Rugo™ lights are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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Lumens 70 - 700 Lumens
Battery Life 1 - 6.75 Hours
Power Source Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery System (Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe)
Modes for Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe (orange button) 4 (Low, Medium, High, Strobe)
Total Weight 13.2 oz (374 g) 
Rugo Weight Each Rugo™ is 5.6 oz (158 g) with Power Pack and Light Head
Quick Swap® Power Pack Weight 2.6 oz (73 g)
Mount Weight 1 oz (28 g)
Dimensions for Rugo™ 2.9 x 1.0 x 2.0 in (74 x 25 x 50 mm)
Certifications CE-EMC, CE-LVD
Ingress Protection IPX7
Fire Resistant Meets Requirements of NFPA 1971-8.6 (2013) 
Waterproof 60 ft for Rugo™ with Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe
Impact Resistant 22.9 ft (7 m)
Color Temperature 5700K, 70 CRI
LED Color White
Materials Black Nylon 66 Power Pack, Orange switch cover, Black aluminum housing, Clear Tri-Lens®
Max Beam Distance Up to 100 ft (30 m)
Adaptor Input AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Recharge Time 2.5 hours
Beam Angle 25 Degree Spot, 55 Degree Area, 120 Degree Flood
Features Rechargeable Quick Swap® Power Pack
Tri-Lens® Technology
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
What's Included (2) Rugo™ R1S Lights, (2) 1/4" - 20 and Cold-Shoe Mounts, (2) Standard Mount with (4) knobs, USB Cable and Wall Adaptor, Rugo™ Bag, (1) set of Mounts, 
Optional Accessories Replacement Quick Swap® Power Pack
Replacement Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe
Handlebar / Drone Mount, P/N 85-026
Rugo™ Drone Mount for YUNEEC H520 and Typhoon H, P/N 85-023
Rugo™ Drone Mount for DJI Phantom 4, P/N 85-027
Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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Rugo™ R1S Drone Light Systems

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
RUGO handheld with iPhone 11 Pro

This image shows the accurate color temperature and spread of the light and how it works beautifully to drop light in when you need it and don't want a silhouette or the instant pop of a flash. I haven't tried it on my drone yet, but wanted to show the extra capability and versatility. It's a staple in my camera bag now. The light can be used to scan the scene and illuminate a pretty broad area so you can find your subject and grab a shot. This was a handheld shot using my iPhone while I was rolling video on a tripod. I glanced around behind me and was able to multitask quickly. This is fellow fire photographer, Kent Porter, on the Kincade Fire, Nov.'19. The other footage I have is 4K video where I mounted the RUGO on the camera and removed the lens hood to eliminate the half-moon shadow. It could be mounted higher on the hot shoe to get around that and I am tinkering with it. The nice thing is that you can hand hold and move the light around while rolling and give some detail in very dark areas. You see it in the viewfinder and if you roll long enough you can get it where you want it and then cut out what doesn't work. That footage is going into a film and so I can't share it here, but it worked quite well.

Foxfury Lights

Prompt service and a great product.

Nice lights

Lights are nice, mounting system could be improved.

Foxfury Saves the Shoot

We just got two lights and took them for a first run on our recent shoot inside a Fulfillment Center. Some locations within the facility have poor lighting and these two Foxfury worked great in these instances. Light weight, long battery life and the fact that you can put them in your pocket and move on to the next makes these an excellent investment. Great job!

Fury RUGO drone lights

Have not tried them on UAV yet. Very well made, but I am concerned about the weight for use on Phantom 4 Pro UAV. They are heavier than I expected.
Will have to wait until afew missions are flown for a full assessment.