Command+ Tilt White & Green LED Headlamp / Helmet Light

Key Specs

  • Max Output: 100 lumens
  • Battery Life: Up to 14 hours
  • Battery Type: (4) AA batteries
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P/N: 420-T06
See wider and better with the FoxFury Command+ Tilt White & Green LED Headlamp / Helmet Light. This rugged headlamp / helmet light provides hands-free illumination in all-weather conditions and delivers up to 100 lumens of panoramic lighting. It is designed for use on safety helmets (including hard hats and fire helmets) on ball caps, or directly on your forehead. White and green LEDs are best suited for structural firefighting along with general area illumination. Comes with adjustable tilt to help aim the light where needed.

PanoramicPanoramic Light

Wide beam angle provides panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment so you can see and respond faster. The combination of white and green LEDs offers improved depth perception, color rendition and smoke cutting ability (as compared to white light only). This headlamp also features a highly visible rear (red) LED in the battery pack that can be seen from over 1 mile away.

True to Life™ LED TechnologyTrue to Life™ LED Technology

New LED technology allows you to see colors more accurately. FoxFury’s True To Life™ LED technology provides a higher quality light. The enriched visual feedback gives a true appearance where colors are seen accurately, clearly and vibrantly (compared to standard LEDs). This technology is critical for inspections and precision work where details need to be distinguished.

DistanceHighly Visible Rear Safety LED

The FoxFury Command Tilt White & Green LED Headlamp / Helmet Light feature a highly visible flashing red LED in the battery that can be seen from over 1 mile (1.6 km) away. This flashlight taillight acts as a personal marker beacon to increase safety and be seen on scene.


Command headlamps are professional grade lighting instruments and meant to thrive in challenging environments. As such, these all-weather headlamps are engineered to survive the heat, the cold and submersion underwater. This rugged headlamp is designed to survive bumps, drops and other impacts. This light is fire resistant and meets the requirements of NFPA when used with the silicone strap.

The FoxFury Command+ Tilt White & Green LED Headlamp / Helmet Light that provides spot and flood lighting. It is powered by (4) AA batteries. A front light bar and rear battery pack evenly distributes the weight of the light from side to side and front to back, which prevents the light from tilting forward or sideways. The adjustable tilt allows the light to be aimed up or down to best illuminate the area and reduce blinding of others. 3 modes provide a low, medium and high setting to adjust light intensity based on what the immediate situation requires.

When used with the (included) flexible elastic strap, this light can be worn as a headlamp on a ball cap or forehead. When used with the (included) silicone strap, the light grips on to safety helmets, including hard hats. It also can be worn on most traditional and modern style firefighter helmets (including US style firefighter helmets utilizing goggles, visors and Bourkes eye protection). This headlamp / helmet light is a versatile lighting tool for members of the fire department / brigade that respond anytime, anywhere to emergencies in their community. 

FoxFury is a family-owned and operated company based in Oceanside, CA. Our goal is to provide the best quality professional flashlights, headlamps and helmet lights, forensic lasers, tactical lights, portable scene lights, right angle lights and drone and camera lights. FoxFury lights are used by first responders including firefighters, paramedics, police (law enforcement) and military, industrial professionals, photographers and videographers, around the world.

All FoxFury lighting tools are cordless, battery powered and utilize the brightest, latest LED technology. Rechargeable and intrinsic options are available. All lights are waterproof, all-weather and impact resistant. We aim to manufacture the most dependable, durable professional lights on the market. FoxFury lights come with a 2-year warranty. All lights are designed and engineered in California.
Lumens 100 Max Lumens (32 Low, 78 Medium, 100 High)
Battery Life Up to 14 Hours (14 Low, 6 Medium, 5 High)
Power Source (4) AA batteries - not included
Modes 3 (Low, Medium, High)
Weight with Elastic Strap 8.4 oz (238 g)
Weight with Silicone Strap 9.8 oz (278 g)
Dimensions 4.8” x 1.0” 1.0” (122 x 25 x 25 mm)
Certifications CE-EMC
Ingress Protection IPX7
Fire Resistant Meets Requirements of NFPA 1971-8.6 (2013) 
Waterproof 9.8 ft (3 m)
Impact Resistant 9.8 ft (3 m)
LED Color White and Green
Color Temperature 5700K
Operating Temperature 14° (-10° C) to 300° F (149° C) *w/ Silicone Strap Only
Materials Nylon 66 housing with polycarbonate lens, Silicone cable
Beam Distance 114 ft (35 m)
Beam Angle 38 degree
Features Best for structural fire fighting; Slim design fits most safety helmets; Offers panoramic and focused lighting; White and green LEDs enhance depth perception and helps to see (and be seen) through mild to moderate smoke; Rear safety LED (red); Adjustable tilt
Warranty 2 Year
What's Included Command+ Tilt White & Green LED Headlamp / Helmet Light, Silicone Strap (installed), Elastic Strap
Optional Accessories Elastic Strap P/N 60-019
Silicone Glow Strap P/N 600-026
Silicone Black Strap P/N 600-027

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Thanks guys

Thanks guys, keep up the good work! I didn't even need training. We have no regrets!


Initially I thought this was for bare heads, but I realize it can be used with helmets as well. The light still conforms to the head but it's very bulky compared to others. Still, it's great for jobs around the house and about when at dark. The batteries are a bit cumbersome to pull on, and it's not as bright outdoors as I'd prefer, but overall it's fine, just maybe a bit bulkier than necessary, considering all it is is a headlamp and my hiking one, which is about half the overall mass, is slightly brighter.


This is a powerful light that has four strengths. It comes with a rubberized band to wear over a hat or cap and a softer band to wear directly on the head. It is definitely a multipurpose light. One can use while camping or during hurricanes as it lights up wide areas. While lending this to a friend who does home remodels, he found this useful when doing detailed construction work especially at night when the house was not lit yet.
I deduct one star because to put the batteries in the case one needs strong and nimble fingers. The closures are extremely difficult to open or close.

Very Useful Headlamp

Almost everything about this headlamp is perfect, and it has a broad spectrum of uses. I was so anxious to try it out this weekend on the water (before the weather gets too cold) during some night fishing. It worked great! The light brightness is adjustable, so you don't always have to have on the highest setting. And, no matter where I went on the boat, or where I looked over the water, I could see!

What I appreciated about it the most is how comfortable it is to wear. You can definitely use it without a helmet or hat of any kind, and the strap and extra padding makes it feel snug but but not confining. I think it will be perfect to use for some night hiking, too. I can also see myself using this when working in the garage and the attic, especially being able to see into those small storage areas. I'm sure there are also many practical applications for the headlamp on the job, too.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I don't think they did a very good job with the design of the battery compartment. I don't know if it was an afterthought, but the whole assembly is complicated to open and does not at all seem very sturdy. I hope it lasts. Otherwise, this is a great headlamp, especially if you won't be using it on a daily basis, where you would need to frequently change the batteries. It's a great addition to a flashlight in your home toolkit, as well.

Strap works well

This headlamps strap is very high quality, other comparable products haven't nearly held up to the abuse I have put this light through, would recommend to family and friends.

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