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SideSlide Locking Mechanism

SideSlide locking mechanism enables easy removal and install of flashlight into helmet adaptor


Flashlights are handy. Ditto with side mounted helmet lights. The SideSlide gives you both lights in one.

The SideSlide Series consists of a flashlight and helmet adaptor. The flashlight has custom grooves built-in that allows the light to mount securely to (or detach quickly from) the helmet adaptor within seconds. This allows the light to be used as either a flashlight or side mounted helmet light.

The C-Clamp model easily affixes to just about any style of fire or safety helmet (including full brim hard hats).

The Bolt model securely mounts to select rescue helmets and can rotate 360 degrees.

Both lights features a flashing mode and rear safety green LED. In firefighting, that allows rapid intervention teams (RIT) and secondary attack teams to easily see the goals and objectives of interior attack teams. In other applications, it helps you to be seen.

The SideSlide is 200 lumen with a focused 5 degree beam.

SideSlide lock C-clamp video: install and remove:


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