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Rook Blue 470nm Forensic Light Source

P/N: 940-302-470

Price: $217.99

Compact 470nm blue forensic light source for lab and field use
Portable 470nm blue LED forensic light source for searches up to 8 ft (2.6 m) away. A diffuser lens provides a smooth, shadow-free light distribution.

This blue alternate light source is accurate to ± 3nm, has a square anti-roll head and can be used underwater. It runs on either two CR123 lithium batteries or one rechargeable 18650 battery. Use primarily with orange goggles.

Evidence Identified:
Trace evidence (hairs, fibers, etc.), gunshot residue, biological fluids including blood treated with fluorescein and footwear (and other) impressions

Used For:
Field crime scene search, laboratory, medicolegal (including SANE, coroners and medical examiners) and hotel room inspection


(Full Specs)

Accurate to 3nm

FoxFury forensic lights sources (FLS) are precise lighting tools. They are accurate to ±3nm, which helps in visualizing fluorescence / absorption in evidence.

Built to Last

This highly durable flashlight is made of high quality aluminum. It withstands impact and is suitable for use underwater.

Diffuser Lens

At close distances, there can be artifacts and shadows that can hinder forensic investigations. The frosted lens distributes the light evenly and eliminates shadows and artifacts. This speeds up investigations and improves accuracy at close distances.

Optional Rechargeable Battery Option

Rook flashlights run on two CR123 batteries. If you'd like to use a rechargeable power source, this light can also run on one rechargeable 18650 battery, which could save you time and money in the long run.
  • Anti-Roll Head
  • One of the last things you want to experience at a crime scene is having your flashlight roll (especially off a surface) as that means you risk contaminating the scene. This flashlight's square anti-roll head prevent this from happening.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Looking for evidence can be a messy job and you don't want to contaminate future scenes. The Rook is fully waterproof and can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  • Strike Bezel
  • In an emergency situation, this flashlight's strike bezel is strong enough to shatter your car windshield. It is also effective in self defense.
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