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PRO III Tasker-Fire Headlamp

P/N: 500-303

Price: $395.99

Our Brightest LED Headlamp and Helmet Light with Adjustible Tilt. Very powerful white LED headlamp and helmet light provides up to 520 lumens of focused and panoramic light. This waterproof and fire resistant headlamp features an adjustable tilt to aim light where needed. Elastic strap permits wear on forehead. Silicone strap is for use with safety helmets including firefighter and rescue helmets. Runs on 6 CR123 batteries.


Max Output:  520 lumens
Battery Life: 1.5 hours
Battery Type:  6x CR123 batteries
(Full Specs)

Panoramic Light

Our headlamps look slightly different from those of our competitors. The wider beam angle provides panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment so you can see and respond faster.

Highly Visible Rear Safety LED

Being visible from the rear is a critical asset in fire, rescue and industrial applications. This headlamp features a flashing red rear LED in the battery pack that can be seen from over 1 mile away.
  • Adjustable Tilt
  • A tilting plate allows the light beam to be angled up and down as needed. This permits you to focus in on objects as well as to aim the beam away so that you don't blind others.

  • Silicone Strap
  • This light comes with a silicone strap for use with safety helmets including hard hats. The strap improves grip on helmets, is fire resistant and can be used in firefighting and other high temperature applications.

  • Elastic Strap
  • This strap should be used if you'd like to wear this headlamp on your forehead or on a ball cap. It is not recommended for use in firefighting or other high-temperature applications.
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    Application     Fire, Industrial, LE & Military, Recreational
    Battery Life Low     6 hours
    Battery Life Medium     6 hours
    Beam Angle 1     30 degree
    CE Cert     CE
    CEEMC Cert     CE-EMC
    Color Temperature     6500 K
    Cost     $$$
    Depth     1.5in (38 mm)
    FYL Battery High     1.5 hours
    FYL Max Lumens     520 lumens
    Feature 1     Powerful light
    Feature 2     Adjustable tilt
    Fire Helmet Fit     YES* (is used with silicone strap)
    Fire Resistant     With Silicon Straps. Yes - meets NFPA 1971-2007 Fire Resistant Requirements: 500F / 260C for 30 minutes
    Hard Hat Fit     YES* (is used with silicone strap)
    Height     1.8in (46 mm)
    Impact Resistant     6.6 ft (2m)
    LED Color     White
    LOQ 1     All LEDs - 100% intensity
    LOQ 2     Flashing
    LOQ 3     SOS
    LOQ 4     All LEDs - 75% intensity
    LOQ 5     2 inner LEDs
    LOQ 6     2 outer LEDs
    Light Output 4     325 lumens
    Light Output 5     260 lumens
    Light Output 6     172 lumens
    Light Type 1     Headlamp
    Lumens 1     520 lumens
    Lumens 2     520 lumens
    Lumens Low     520 lumens
    Materials 1     6061-T6 aluminum base and polycarbonate cover
    Materials 2     18 gauge; heavy duty wiring
    Materials 3     Nylon 66 battery pack
    Max Beam Distance     326 ft (99 m)
    Modes     6 (2 outer LEDs, 2 inner LEDs, All LEDs - 75% intensity, All LEDs - 100% intensity, Flashing, SOS)
    Operating Temperature     14°F (-10°C) to 300°F (149°C)
    Optional Accessories     CR123 batteries - set of 2, CR123 batteries - set of 10, Replacement Elastic Strap, Replacement Silicone Strap, 3D Fury Glow Silicone Strap
    Power Consumption Watts     12W
    Power Source 1     6x CR123 batteries
    Power Source 2     4x RCR123 batteries & 2x dummy cells
    Power Source Info 1     Batteries NOT included
    Power Source Info 2     Can be used by only 3 CR123 batteries (Battery life is reduced by 50%)
    Power Source Info 3     Can be used by only 2 RCR123 batteries & 1 dummy cell (Battery life is reduced by 50%)
    Run Time 4     2 hours
    Run Time 5     4 hours
    Run Time 6     4 hours
    Runtime 1     1.5 hours
    Warranty     24 months
    Waterproof     19.7 ft (6 m)
    Weight of Light     17.0 oz (481 g)
    What's Included     Silicone Strap, Elastic Strap
    Width     5.2in (132 mm)

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