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Press Releases


October 27, 2016 FoxFury Announces High CRI Lighting Tools For Photo, Film, and Video Markets

July 21, 2016 FoxFury announces a brighter, bolder and better Scout utility light


November 18, 2014 FoxFury Releases Nomad Transformer, its Tallest and Brightest Portable Scene Light

November 6, 2014 FoxFury Lighting Solutions Moves to Oceanside and Adds Toll-Free Number

April 3, 2014 FoxFury to release new first responder lighting tools at FDIC 2014 and have special booth guests and a contest

February 20, 2014 FoxFury Unveils Portable, Powerful 5W Blue Forensic Laser System

February 3, 2014 FoxFury to Display LED Area Lighting at Safari Club International

January 8, 2014 FoxFury to Unveil New Area Lighting Option and LED Weapon Light at SHOT Show 2014



November 19, 2013 FoxFury to Display Its LED Shield Lights and Area Lights at Milipol Paris 2013

November 12, 2013 FoxFury to Display Its LED Shield Lights and Area Lights at SWAT Round-Up International in Orlando

October 22, 2013 FoxFury Displaying LED Scene Lights at EMEX Emergency Response and Homeland Security Expo

October 16, 2013 FoxFury Sponsors Return to the Station Video Documenting First Responder Stress

October 4, 2013 FoxFury to Illuminate University of Michigan Solar Car Team in Australian Outback During 2013 World Solar Challenge

September 27, 2013 FoxFury to Display Portable LED Area Lights and Personal LED Headlamps at National Safety Council Congress & Expo

September 21, 2013 FoxFury Bringing its LED Area Lights and Headlamps to the AAZK Zoo Keepers Conference

August 15, 2013 FoxFury Bringing Its LED Firefighter Lights to FRI 2013

August 13, 2013 FoxFury Celebrates 10 Years of LED Lights for First Responders and Industrial Professionals With Contests and a Crusade

August 5, 2013 FoxFury SideSlide Series Flashlight / Helmet Light Are Now 200 Lumen and Available

July 31, 2013 FoxFury Lighting Solutions Sponsors University of Michigan Solar-Car Team

July 30, 2013 FoxFury Exhibiting LED Area Lights for Events and Disaster Response at CUPIC Campus Security Conference

June 27, 2013 FoxFury Bringing Portable LED Scene Lighting to IACLEA Campus Security Conference

June 24, 2013 FoxFury Bringing Portable LED Area Lighting to Atlantic City for Police Security Expo

June 19, 2013 FoxFury to Display Area Lights and Intrinsically Safe Headlamps at ASSE SAFETY 2013 Show

June 13, 2013 FoxFury Bringing LED Forensic Lights and Area Lights to IAC&ME Coroner and Medical Examiner Training Conference

June 5, 2013 FoxFury Names Scott Leightner as Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Fire, Rescue, & EMS

May 16, 2013 FoxFury to display its compact LED scene lights at Police Fleet Expo - Southwest in Fort Worth

April 25, 2013 FoxFury's new SideSlide flashlight / helmet light gives firefighters and industrial professionals 2 lights in 1

April 19, 2013 FoxFury to unveil new LED firefighter light and have special booth guests and a contest at FDIC 2013

April 17, 2013 FoxFury Upgrades Lumens on its Wide Angle Command and Performance Series LED Headlamps

April 11, 2013 FoxFury to unveil new series of LED lights for firefighters at FDIC 2013

April 4, 2013 FoxFury Adds Tilt Feature To Its Popular LED Firefighter Helmet Light

March 22, 2013 FoxFury portable LED area lights and spot lights now have new storage and mounting options

February 20, 2013 The FoxFury Nomad NOW LED Area-Spot Light gives you portable lighting now

February 19, 2013 FoxFury Bringing Its LED Firefighter Right Angle Flashlights, Helmet Lights and Area Lights to Firehouse World in San Diego

January 11, 2013 FoxFury to release new LED light and have special guest at SHOT Show 2013



November 30, 2012 FoxFury to Exhibit Its LED Shield Lights, Incident Command Area Lights and Tactical Spotlights at SWAT Round-Up International in Orlando

October 24, 2012 FoxFury to Bring its LED lights for Disaster Preparedness / Response and Emergency Management to EMEX / IAEM in Orlando

October 19, 2012 FoxFury Exhibiting at the National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Orlando

October 12, 2012 FoxFury Lighting Solutions will Travel to Odessa for the Texas-sized PBIOS Oil Show

October 10, 2012 FoxFury to Brings Its Firefighter LED Helmet Lights and Area Lights to Myrtle Beach for the NC / SC Arson Investigation Conference

September 6, 2012 FoxFury Lighting Solutions Navigates Northwest to the NTOA Tactical Officers Trade Show

August 28, 2012 FoxFury Lighting Solutions Celebrates 9 Years of Providing LED Lights for First Responders and Industrial Professionals

August 13, 2012 FoxFury is Bringing its LED Riot Vehicle Lights and Portable LED Area Lights to the Police Fleet Expo in Charlotte

August 2, 2012 Newest LED Scene Light Prompts FoxFury to Change Nomad Area Spot-Light Model Names

July 18, 2012 The FoxFury Smoke Cutting Breakthrough Firefighter LED Flashlights Have Arrived

July 13, 2012 FoxFury LED Forensic Light Sources and Portable Scene Lights to Shine at IAI Forensics Conference in Phoenix

July 10, 2012 FoxFury to Showcase Breakthrough Smoke Cutting Lights and Reveal New Product at Firehouse Expo

June 1, 2012 FoxFury's White Flashlight for Females and Fellas Helps You Find Keys, Check On Kids and Defend Yourself

May 25, 2012 FoxFury Releases Tiltable Metal LED Helmet Light for First Responders, Industry and Recreation

April 20, 2012 FoxFury's Breakthrough LED Firefighter Light Slays Smoke and Saves Lives

April 13, 2012 FoxFury at FDIC 2012: Witness a Breakthrough, Meet a Hero and See Leading-Edge Lights for Fire & Rescue

April 11, 2012 FoxFury to Unveil a Breakthrough Firefighting Light at FDIC 2012 on April 19 at 1:23 P.M. EDT

April 6, 2012 FoxFury Going Over to Dover, DE for the IAAI Arson Investigation Conference

April 3, 2012 Limited Edition FoxFury CheckMate JB (John Bianchi) Flashlight Sets Now Available

March 30, 2012 NRA Annual Meeting to Get Lit Up By FoxFury

March 2, 2012 Can You Dig It? FoxFury to Exhibit at the CGA Excavation Safety Expo

February 17, 2012 FoxFury to Display LED Fire Helmet Lights and Area Lights at Firehouse World 2012

February 2, 2012 Experience SHOT Show 2012 Through the Eyes of Beat Down Boogie - Presented by FoxFury Lighting Solutions

January 13, 2012 Come See John Bianchi, Beat Down Boogie and LED Lights at the FoxFury Booth at SHOT Show 2012

January 11, 2012 FoxFury and John Bianchi to Release Limited Edition Flashlight and Custom Holster Set at SHOT Show 2012

January 6, 2012 FoxFury Partners with Beat Down Boogie to Bring Awesomeness to SHOT Show 2012