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Nomad® Forensic Green 532nm Area Light and Spotlight

P/N: 200-814

Price: $2920.00

Portable, self-contained 532nm Green FLS Area Light and Spotlight. Powerful, rechargeable green 532nm LED forensic light source for searches up to 30 ft (10 m) away. The Nomad's power and portability enables it to perform faster, more effective searches at greater distances compared to most LED forensic light sources. It is configured with 3 different intensities. It can travel to large crime scenes in remote and dimly lit areas. This green FLS is rechargeable, accurate to ± 3nm and self-contained. A carry strap, charger and rechargeable lithium ion battery system are included. Use with orange or red goggles.


Max Output:  532nm
Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
Battery Type:  Rechargeable Lithium
(Full Specs)

2 Lights in 1: Combination Area Light and Spotlight

Your lighting needs can change in an instant or on a case-by-case basis. As an area-spot light, this light provides two types of lights in one due to its detachable Sliding Diffuser Lens.
Area light: attach sliding diffuser lens for 120° flood light
Spotlight: detach sliding diffuser lens for 8° focused light

Built to Last

This rugged light is tough enough for any job. Its nylon body withstands impact and the heat of a fire scene.

All-Weather and Waterproof, Submersible

These fully submersible lighting tools can be used underwater (up to 9 ft). Both the Nomad NOW and Nomad Prime have an all-weather design that can thrive in the summer desert heat, the heavy rain, the cold of a snow storm...and everything in between.

Up to 24 Hours of Battery Life

Some events are over in a few hours and require as much as lighting as possible (vehicle extrication, EMS, etc.). The Nomad provides 3 continuous hours of light on its high mode. Other events are far more involved. The low mode provides 24 hours of continuous light for extended work period (power failure, large event in rural area, etc.)

  • Overhead Tripod Light
  • Many portable area lights only extend to 6ft (1.8 m) tall, which is near the eye level and potentially blinding. The Prime extends up to 8ft (2.4 m) tall to deliver overhead lighting that does not blind the user.

  • Solo Operation and 20-second Deployment
  • The Nomad stows as a compact tube weighing 18 lbs (8.2 kg). A carry strap is included for easy transport. The light is designed so that an individual can deploy it in 20 seconds.

  • Battery Life Indicator
  • At a scene, you'll want to keep track of how much light you have left. Every Nomad is equipped with a battery life indicator, which changes color from green to orange to red as the battery drains.
    Green indicator: 70-100% battery charge left
    Orange indicator: 30-70% battery charge left
    Red indicator: under 30% battery charge left

  • Bazooka Light Option
  • The portable Prime can be used as a shoulder-worn bazooka light that illuminates your path so that you can get where you need to go. The beam is capable of illuminating over 1 mile (1.6 km) ahead. Once you've reached your destination, you can deploy it as a tripod light.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Looking for evidence can be a messy job and you can risk contamination or cross contamination if not careful. The Nomad is fully waterproof and can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  • Anchor Strap for High Wind Environments
  • In severe wind, you may want to weigh the light down as a safety measure. A D-ring at the base of the unit allows a sandbag to be attached for this purpose.
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    Application     Forensic
    Battery Life Low     24 hours
    Battery Life Medium     9 hours
    Beam Angle 1     8 degree spotlight
    Beam Angle 2     120 degree area light
    CEEMC Cert     CE-EMC
    CELV Cert     CE-LVD
    Deployable Tripod Legs     Y
    Diameter Body or Handle     4.6in (117 mm)
    Evidence Seen     Latent prints (AKA fingeprints) processed with fluorescent dyes and powders
    FLS     Y
    FYL Battery High     Up to 24 hours
    FYL Max Lumens     532nm
    Feature 1     2 lights in one: area light and spotlight
    Feature 10     No warm up or cool down required
    Feature 2     Portable, rechargeable, cordless and generator-free design
    Feature 3     Deploys in under 20 seconds
    Feature 4     Battery life indicator
    Feature 5     AC or DC charge / drive
    Feature 6     Head rotates 340 degrees and tilts up & down
    Feature 7     Anchor Strap
    Feature 8     Leveling Leg Extensions for uneven terrain
    Feature 9     Lens cover provides protection when light is stored
    Fire Resistant     Yes - meets NFPA 1971-2007 Fire Resistant Requirements: 500F / 260C for 30 minutes
    Footprint of Legs Diameter     36in (914 mm)
    Head Size     4in diam x 4.5in h (102 mm x 114 mm)
    IPX7 Certified     IPX-7
    Impact Resistant     3.3 ft (1 m)
    LED Color     Green
    LOQ 1     High
    LOQ 2     Medium
    LOQ 3     Low
    Light Type 1     Area light
    Light Type 2     Spotlight
    Lumens 1     100% intensity
    Lumens 2     40% intensity
    Lumens Low     20% intensity
    Materials 1     Combination of Nylon 66 with glass fiber and 6061-T6 aluminum head
    Materials 2     Stainless steel telescoping tube
    Materials 3     Polycarbonate lens and Sliding Diffuser Lens
    Max Height When Deployed     95in (2,413 mm)
    Modes     3 (Low, Medium, High)
    Operating Temperature     14°F (-10°C) to 300°F (149°C)
    Optional Accessories     Nomad Mount Clamps - set of 2, Nomad Prime Battery Kit Replacement, Nomad Carrying Bag, Nomad Accessories Bag, Nomad Series Carrying Case
    Power Consumption Watts     46W
    Power Source 1     Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery System
    Power Source 2     External power 12VDC
    Power Source Info 1     80 Watt (0.7 Amps at 115VAC)
    Power Source Info 2     80 Watt (6 Amps at 12VDC)
    Recharge Time     5 hours
    Rechargeable     Y
    Rod     30 ft (10 m)
    Runtime 1     3 hours
    Stowed Length     33in (838 mm)
    Warranty     24 months
    Waterproof     9.8 ft (3 m)
    Wavelength     525nm
    Weight of Light     18 lbs (8.2kg)
    What's Included     Rechargeable Li-ion Battery System (built-in), AC Adaptor & Cord, DC Cord, 3M Reflective Yellow Safety Strips, Nomad Accessories Bag