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Thanks to All who participated! We had some incredible stories to sift through and it was tough to call out just one! Here are some of our favorites...
Congratulationis to Jacob Royster, Earlham Volunteer Fire Department. Earlham, IA.

My names Jake. I am a firefighter/EMT with Earlham Volunteer Fire Department, in Earlham, Iowa. The picture I am submitting is a picture of myself and partner Blake Boyle working ventilation of a 2 story structure fire. Our department is fortunate enough for most of our members to have the Fox Fury helmet light so we can see as we work to help others.

I love the picture as it shows the Fox Fury light cutting through the night sky and smoke from the fire. The glow of the light is amazing and in my own opinion you could say "a picture is worth a thousand words" using this photo. Thank you for providing such an amazing product to use on Emergency Scenes.

I won't leave home without my FoxFury lite! One time my team was cut off by fire extension and my foxfury was the only light that cut thru the smoke to show the way to the ladder for them to get down. I love my light and will never get rid of it. Jim Beck , retired firefighter

Jeffrey Wolfgang Gould, Ice Road Trucker, Arctic Ocean Alaska. He drives a hug haul truck across the Arctic Ocean hauling for a Drilling Company that mines in open ocean/ice sea. For Caelus Energy, Nuna Project AIC/CRUZ Construction Night Shift 5:30 PM to 6:00 AM / 7 Days a week We build the ice Road/ Open the pit/ and load and haul gravel to build the pads and road. Could not do it without the light! 600,000 yards in 3 months 30 mile round trip on the ice road!

Last year, I replaced my helmet light with a Foxfury SideSlide C-clamp, and I have to say, I am more than pleased. The light is very bright, cuts through smoke very well, and is very durable. During a recent training burn, the lens on my streamlight (on my coat) melted and spidered, but my Foxfury (even being on my helmet) remained completely intact, lens, button, and all. I love my Foxfury helmet light and will soon be replacing the streamlight on my coat. Attached are several pictures and short video clips, the videos give a good idea of how much light the light provides.

We required a light that used no electrical cords, maximum amount of light output and portable. He suggested that we try the Nomad 360. I was amazed at the amount of light that was emitted from this product. Not only did it meet our standards it exceeded them. We found the light to even be water proof. There was a need to inspect the floor of a reservoir that had twenty feet of water in it. We disinfected the light and lowered the Nomad 360 into the tank and were delighted to see that it illuminated the floor enough to conduct our inspection. This light has also been used as an Incident Command Post Light on several larger water main breaks where street light were unavailable. I highly recommend this light to folks working in the water industry.

At the time we were cleaning a chlorine contact chamber at our water treatment plant and we needed and individual right angle light that would illuminate a larger area than our head lamps. After careful consideration we choose the Breakthrough BT3 Orange right angle light. It was accidently drop tested at fifty feet and is still working today. I was so impressed with this product I purchased one for every member of my crew.


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