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Breakthrough® BT2 Black Right Angle Light

P/N: 380-BT2-BL

Price: $141.99

The Breakthrough® BT2 is a compact, hybrid LED spotlight that utilizes FoxFury SMO-KUT technology, which enables it to deliver an intense 200 lumen, 2 degree beam that outperforms most box lights and high powered flashlights. From illuminating street addresses to long range inspections, the BT2's powerful beam helps the user to better see & respond faster... especially in thick smoke & fog. This AA battery powered light clips to gear via the stainless steel clip or D-ring for hands-free use. The extra thick walls of the BT2 provide increased heat and impact resistance (survives 2-story fall). A rechargeable BT2 model is also available.


Max Output:  200 lumen
Battery Life: 3 hours
Battery Type:  4x AA batteries
(Full Specs)

2 Lights in 1: Box Light Performance in a Right-Angle Light Body

The BT unit is a right angle flashlight that performs like a box light, cutting through smoke; it therefore does the job of 2 lights in 1. As an added bonus, you'll have the option to have two free hands in order to get work done with the attached clip.

SMO-KUT Technology to Cut Through Smoke

Smoke is the enemy of lights; the thicker it is, the more challenging it is to pierce. For a light to slice through smoke, you need a lot of light and a very focused beam. FoxFury's SMO-KUT technology provides a smoke cutting ability thanks to a powerful and focused LED and deep reflector. The 200 lumen, 2 degree beam of the BT2 excels at penetrating smoke and fog.

Built to Last

The BreakThrough® is engineered with extra thick walls, which makes the light extremely resistant to heat and impact. It can survive a two story fall and is useful in structural firefighting.
  • Easy to Grip...Even with Thick Gloves
  • Firefighter gloves (and other safety gloves) are thick and can greatly restrict gripping ability. The BT is designed with a reinforced grip handle so that the light can be gripped and activated by a user wearing thick gloves.

  • Black Exterior for Practical Purposes
  • Some users prefer a more covert body color for certain applications... and some users simply like the color black. Either way, we've got you covered.

  • Breakthrough Wedge Included
  • In firefighting, seconds count and small obstacles can become big problems without the right tools. Current BT lights come with a Breakthrough® wedge to keep doors open. It is our hope that this tool is of use to you in many situations. The wedge snaps into all Breakthrough® lights. Additional wedges are available for purchase as a separate accessory.
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    Application     Fire, Industrial, LE & Military
    Battery Life Low     6 hours
    Battery Life Medium     8 hours
    Beam Angle 1     2 degree
    CE Cert     CE
    CEEMC Cert     CE-EMC
    Color Temperature     5700 K
    Cost     $$
    Depth     3.7in (94 mm)
    FYL Battery High     3 hours
    FYL Max Lumens     200 lumen
    Feature 1     SMO-KUT (smoke cutting) Beam; Rechargeable; Extra Strength Fire-Resistant walls; Wedge; Bottle opener in rear
    Fire Resistant     Yes - meets NFPA 1971-2007 Fire Resistant Requirements: 500F / 260C for 30 minutes
    Head Size     2.7in (69 mm) diam
    Height     7.0in (178 mm)
    IPX7 Certified     IPX-7
    Impact Resistant     22.9 ft (7m)
    LED Color     White
    LOQ 1     High
    LOQ 2     Flashing
    LOQ 3     Low
    Light Type 1     Right angle flashlight
    Light Type 2     Spotlight
    Lumens 1     200 lumen
    Lumens 2     200 lumen
    Lumens Low     40 lumen
    Materials 1     Nylon 66 housing with polycarbonate window
    Materials 2     Stainless steel clip
    Max Beam Distance     3,000 ft (914 m)
    Modes     3 (High, Low, Flashing)
    Operating Temperature     14°F (-10°C) to 300°F (149°C)
    Optional Accessories     BT Rechargeable Kit, Breakthrough Wedge Black - 3pack, Breakthrough Wedge Yellow - 3 pack
    Power Consumption Watts     3W
    Power Source 1     4x AA batteries
    Power Source Info 1     Batteries NOT included
    Runtime 1     3 hours
    Warranty     24 months
    Waterproof     13.1 ft (4 m)
    Weight of Light     20.6 oz (585 g)
    What's Included     BT2 Black, Breakthrough Wedge Black, D-ring
    Width     2.8in (71 mm)