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Area Lights vs. Spot lights vs. Scene Lights

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Area Lights vs. Spot lights vs. Scene Lights



Differences between these light types and how they're used

Area Lights:
AKA floodlights, broad light, work lights

Area lighting illuminates a large area (horizontally and vertically) via a wide beam of light. Area lights have broad beams with beam angles of 120 degrees (or greater). It provides a panoramic view. Area lighting does is best for shorter distances of 50 ft (or less)

Spot lights:
AKA: searchlight, focused lights, jacklight

Spot lighting illuminates a concentrated area via a narrow beam of light. Spot lights have tight beams with beam angles of 12 degrees (or less). It provides a focused view. Spot lighting can project long distances of over 200 ft.

Scene lights:
AKA 360 degree lighting

Scene lighting illuminates an entire scene in all directions. Scene lights have a beam angle of 360 degrees. It provides a complete view of the entire scene.