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Recently, the FoxFury team assisted a Southern California Police Department with a DUI checkpoint by providing area and safety lighting. Below is a breakdown of the set up and logistical details.

  • Location: Busy intersection
  • Time: 8:30pm - 1:00am on a Friday night during a holiday weekend
  • Personnel: 30 people total, 5 teams of police officers plus volunteers
  • Total Area Covered: 10,000 square feet (40 x 250 ft)


The primary purpose of the FoxFury Nomad scene lights at this checkpoint was to keep both police officers and drivers safe. They provided portable, cordless, powerful light that allowed the officers to be flexible and quick with set up and tear down. The officers also used the Color Bands for Nomad 360 scene light in blue, which allowed drivers to see that there was a checkpoint stopping area from far away. Here is a rundown of the placement of each FoxFury light:

Location Nomad Prime Nomad 360 Nomad T56

Car Inspection Area




Center Median



Volunteer Table (rest area)




Several officers also wore the FoxFury Scout light on their belts and vests as additional safety beacons. These lights come with all white LEDs or red and white LEDs. When in flashing mode, the Scouts alerted passing drivers of a police officer's presence. When in solid mode, the lights are used by the officers as a tool to read or see important information.

In total, 338 vehicles were screened that night. There were eight total citations issued; two for DUI, six for driving with a suspended license, and one for other criminal charges. We are honored this department used our tools as part of their checkpoint. We look forward to working with them again along with similar departments across the country.

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