Nomad Series LED Area Lights

Portable, cordless LED area lights and spotlights (area-spot lights). Stows as tube, telescopes up to 8 ft high and deploys in 20 seconds. Attach / detach diffuser lens to switch between area light and spotlight. Forensic models (UV to IR) available. Battery is rechargeable and user replaceable.
  • Up to 7000 torch lumen
  • Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery system
  • Impact resistant and waterproof

Nomad Series (White Light)

Nomad Prime
Area-Spot Light

Nomad 360
Area-Spot Light

Nomad NOW

Nomad Wall Mounts
(2 Clamps)

Nomad Series Forensic Light Sources (Wavelength Specific)

Wavelength specific light sources used to locate forensic evidence including blood, serological evidence and fingerprints in the field or lab. These lights must be used in conjunction with appropriate forensic goggles or camera filters in order to visualize evidence.

Nomad Prime
UV FLS 395 nm

Nomad Prime
Blue FLS 470 nm

Nomad Prime
Cyan FLS 495 nm

Nomad Prime
Green FLS 532 nm

Nomad Prime
IR Area-Spot Light

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