FoxFury LED Area and Spot Lights

FoxFury offers a range of specialty LED scene lights. Most of our area lights and spotlights are portable and cordless but they can be mounted to a tripod or vehicle as well.

Nomad Series Area-Spot lights

Quick deployment LED area lights and spotlights (area-spot lights). Portable, self-contained and cordless design allows them to be used in remote areas. Forensic (UV to IR) models available. Powered by rechargeable, user replaceable Li-ion battery system. Up to 7000 torch lumen. Mounting options available.

Nomad Prime
Area-Spot Light

Nomad 360

Nomad NOW

Nomad Prime
Blue FLS 470 nm

Nomad wall mount
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Our most powerful LED spotlight / search light. Designed for use on a tripod, boat, emergency (fire, rescue) security or SWAT vehicle. Delivers a smooth hotspot. No warm up or cool down time is needed. Submergible model available. Intensity and beam vary by model. Up to 12,000 torch lumen.

Sunbolt Riot

Sunbolt 6 - 8 Degree

Sunbolt 6 - 18 Degree

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