FoxFury Applications: Hazardous Area / Intrinsically Safe Lights

FoxFury offers intrinsically safe LED headlamps and helmet lights for use in hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe means that these lights won't ignite flammable gases. Our intrinsically safe lights were designed for use in hazardous environments including confined space, Hazmat, EOD, chemical plants, gas and oil refineries. These headlamps are powered by AA batteries and meet the UL 913 standard for intrinsically safe equipment for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-D (Performance Series) or Groups C-D (Signature Series) hazardous locations.

Intrinsically Safe

Performance Intrinsic Tasker

Performance Intrinsic Tasker-Fire

Signature Intrinsic Tasker

Signature Intrinsic Tasker-Fire

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